I’ve got a really important truth to share with you.

I’ve got a really important truth to share with you today.

Your weight ISN’T about food.

Your journey of permanent and lasting weight loss is, ultimately, a journey of self-love.

Loving yourself enough to…

  • Loving yourself enough to… work out why you self-sabotage. (Or to put it another way, figure out why your so-called self-sabotage is actually the best way you (currently) know how to take care of yourself.)

  • Loving yourself enough to… stop doing the same old thing that hasn’t worked before (healthy eating plans, exercise, detoxes…), and instead figure out the unconscious beliefs that give meaning to your lack of motivation/discipline/willpower. (This isn’t difficult, in fact the free Starter Pack will help you get started right away.)

  • Loving yourself enough to… forgive those who have hurt, damaged or wounded you, that your eating style/weight has become a protection from. (This is very common by the way, but rarely talked about.)

  • Loving yourself enough to… tune in to the ‘mean’ things you say to yourself, and to start talking to yourself the same way you’d talk to your best friend. (Be honest, has telling yourself you’re fat/weak-willed/need to get more disciplined helped you so far?)

  • Loving yourself enough to… discover your hidden ‘Eating Story’ and learn the simple Love Your Way to Weight Loss Success Strategies that will take you to permanent and successful weight loss. (Don’t worry, I’ve laid them out step-by-step and they don’t require years of therapy!)


If you choose to go on this journey, you’ll love yourself all the way home to the healthy, vibrant body you’ve always wanted - you’ll literally love your way to weight loss.

If you’re here with me reading this now, it’s for a reason.

If you’re here with me reading this now, it’s for a reason. It’s your time to put you first, and you’re ready for the next step in your journey.


How do I know this? Well, I’m guessing that you and I are pretty similar. I went for years, overeating in secret and not knowing how to stop using food to deal with my life. (See the ‘About Dr Jen’ page to read my story.) What I didn’t know then, is there were 11 pieces to the jigsaw that traditional weight loss approaches weren’t talking about. The bottom line for me was loving myself enough to heal the hurts from the past that were driving my unwanted eating, AND implementing practical ‘how-to’ steps of what to do differently with food in the here and now.


Imagine a life where you are healthy, vibrant, feel the freedom to eat all types of food that you enjoy, AND you talk to yourself in a way that is encouraging and loving. You eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full, and have strategies to deal with the stresses and strains of life with ease.

The result is a body and a way of relating to food and life that you love.

You can have this life, and it’s your time to claim it for yourself.


You can get started right away by accessing the 5 minute assessment in my free eBook, ‘How to Love Your Way to Weight Loss'. It will help you discover EXACTLY why you’re eating more than you want to, and most importantly, what to do about it.

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