About You.

Right now, you’re likely feeling hopeless and frustrated. There’s no getting away from the fact that others in your life (who know less, and maybe even try less than you) have the body they want, but still it eludes you.

I know, I’ve been there, and I remember how lonely and utterly frustrating it feels.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. As a Clinical Psychologist and recovered ‘non-hunger eater’, I bring both professional expertise and personal passion to free you from the cycle of weight loss ‘failure’, both inside and out.

I’m imagining you’ve tried lots of weight loss solutions in the past. Ones with big promises, and exciting before and after stories, but ones that didn’t seem to work for you. Perhaps you were left thinking there’s something wrong with you? I don’t believe that’s true. You’re not ‘wrong’, or a ‘failure’, or ‘weak-willed’, or any other criticism you may have levelled at yourself. The problem is that most weight loss solutions you’ve tried up until now have been great at telling you ‘what’ you should be eating, and ‘how much’ you should consume, without helping you figure out ‘why’ you are eating. Most weight loss experts talk about what worked for them, and usually you will find that they are people who didn’t need mindset/emotional help to help them figure out their relationship with food. They likely already saw their food as fuel, or were easily able to shift their relationship with food so it became that way.

We’re different, and need a different approach. These weight loss approaches can and do work, just not for people like us.

I’m here to help you with the missing pieces of the weight loss jigsaw - helping you understand why you eat the way you do, and giving you how-to strategies to make different choices, in an atmosphere of warmth, compassion, hope and transformation.

On the following pages I will share my philosophy and invite you to continue the journey with me. I promise you will move from chaos, overwhelm and powerlessness to feeling inspired, invigorated, uplifted and… transformed!

Step number one of your journey is to figure out the way(s) you may be ‘sabotaging’ your efforts. I put the word sabotage in quote marks because your apparent sabotage is actually telling you a story, and when you’re clear on what it’s trying to tell you, you can start to move forward with ease.

You can get started right away by reading the ‘Inner Hungers Assessment’ in my free eBook:

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