5 Simple Steps to Food Freedom

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  • Discover my five simple steps to stop an eating binge in its tracks.

  • Understand what your eating is REALLY trying to tell you, so you can gain control of your eating, for good.

  • Hear me answer the questions from community members, just like you.

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Dr Jen

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Kind Words:

Toni Dormand from the UK shared: "I have gone from being a foodie and comfort eater to not being that interested in food at all...I have lost over a stone in about a month with no effort at all...this really works and Dr Jen is so easy to work with!"

* Richard Littooy from the USA shared: I’m using your tips to avoid grazing and... almost immediately stopped mindless eating. Your program is exceptional.”


* Elizabeth Pearson from the UK shared“Thank you for the simple tools that have already made a difference... 2 kg down without being ‘on a diet’... Thank you”

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Jen Bateman