Reset Your Relationship With Food For Christmas

Now the Christmas season is approaching, you’re probably busy putting everyone else first, right?


And it’s no coincidence that this will coincide with eating more than you need to.

Between planning, shopping and all the extra to-do’s, the food will be calling you for some much needed ‘me-time’.


How do I know this?

Because it’s a completely normal way for your mind to behave!


Humans need a mix of work, rest and play, and when you’re busy putting everyone else’s needs first in the run up to the festive season, rest and play-time go out the window.


So your brain is actually trying to help you by saying ‘Go on, you deserve it’. Because you do!


But if you’re here with me now, reading this, food isn’t really having the desired effect any more.


Yes, there’s the anticipation of the food, and the fleeting thought of, ‘Ooh yum’ and ‘I deserve this’, but after the first few seconds, the guilt and shame inevitably kicks in, and before you know it, an act of attempted self-care becomes an act of self-destruction.


So this year? Do something different and you’ll get a different result.


Yes, go ahead and give yourself that much needed treat.


But this time, do it a kind, self-loving way, by giving YOURSELF a gift this year.

If you haven’t yet achieved all you wanted to in the area of your health and wellness in 2018, take the opportunity to gift YOURSELF:

The ‘Love Your Way to Weight Loss Success Path’ with Dr Jen.

Yes YOU CAN end 2018 feeling proud that you’re on your way to achieving your goals.

One lovely member shared this last week:

American Thanksgiving yesterday. Huge dinner was available. With my reminder on, only filled up to an 8. My eating number is a 6. This is the first time in decades I haven't waddled away from the feast and topped it off with a large serving of each homemade pie available. Yes, I had a very small portion of each pie and was fully satisfied. A small success in a long journey.” Robert (lost 17lbs so far).


When you join the Success Path, not only will you discover the simple tools that Robert described, I will walk you through a gentle yet impactful process, warmly showing you how to uncover the story your eating is telling you, and how to re-write this story with ease.

This is different to other approaches, as you’ll immediately get the ‘a-ha’ moment that MAKES SENSE of your unwanted eating behaviour, and most importantly, exact how-to steps of what to do about it when you’re faced with food in the here and now.


Giving yourself the gift of the ‘Success Path with Dr Jen’ is the ultimate act of self-love. It will be your best friend and cheerleader to support you through the often stressful Christmas and new year period. You can take a moment to login to the materials, connect with me via the video and get a hug of inspiration and support whenever you need to.


Joining now means you can relax and enjoy peace of mind, knowing that the tricky time over Christmas and New Year is taken care of. You’ll never be on your own - as part of your ongoing-support, you’ll get access to:

  • Food-psychology online coaching materials: You’ll discover inspiring yet practical food psychology tools in the powerful training videos, and learn how to implement them step-by-simple-step. As you develop the mindset skills to develop a healthy relationship with food, weight loss can’t help but follow (an independent NHS study demonstrated average weight loss of 5.8kg - although some lost up to 32kg).

  • Weekly Q&A Sessions with me: You’ll receive direct Q&A access to me in a weekly slot. You can ask me absolutely any question you like and you’ll benefit from my direct and personalised coaching through any barriers that may come up for you – so you can be secure knowing you’ll never be left wondering or struggling on your own.

  • If you’d like to connect with a small tribe of like-minded souls also on the journey, you can take advantage of being part of a private online community group (this is optional, so you can decide if you’d like a solo or group journey).


Securing this ongoing support means you don’t need to waste any more of your valuable time, energy or head space on what diet to try in the new year.


Deep down, you know that you don’t need to try yet another diet to help you lose weight. You need a solution that works on your inner world – your thoughts and feelings about food – and I’d love to help you.


So don’t waste another moment. Transform the shame you feel about your current situation to the positive step of a supportive, self-care experience.  

You can gift it to yourself, or ask a loved one to get it for you – I promise it will be a gorgeous gift that will keep giving, way beyond Christmas morning!

Plus, feel good about the ripple effect you’re creating… 10% of your membership fee goes to fighting hunger.

Obesity and hunger are two of the biggest problems facing our world today. My goal is to not only help you create a body and life you love, but also to support the 20 million people on the brink of starvation in our world of food abundance. I’ve pledged to give 10% of profits to fighting hunger, so when you join the Love Your Way to Weight Loss community, you can feel inspired about the ripple effect you are creating.

Getting started is easy – just Click on the link here to get started and place your order.

I can’t wait to be supporting you in the Success Path, very soon!

With love,

Dr Jen

The Food Psychologist

Jen Bateman