Resolutions fading? This will help you...

Well here we are a third of the way through January, and I wanted to send you a note in case some of your resolutions are not quite unfolding the way you’d like them too.


If this is you, you’re not alone. We all know that a huge percentage of them 'fail'  – anywhere from 80-92% depending on who you listen to… but what we don’t often think about is the 8-20% that DO get fulfilled.


So what’s different for those special people? Whether they’re aware of it or not, those who succeed are actually going beyond resolutions, to something much deeper.


They have moved from ‘goals’ to ‘intentions’.


A goal might be ‘to lose xyz lbs in weight’. An intention may be ‘to choose healthy options xyz% of the time’.


Intentions involve shifting from a goals-based ‘success’ or ‘failure’ mentality, to moving towards a desired outcome that’s based on what you VALUE.


When clients come to me because they’ve failed to reach their goals (S-M-A-R-T as they may have been!) I invite them to think about the way they behave as a parent, family member or friend. Take a moment and do the same!


Whilst you may set goals in these areas, you’re probably more likely to have an unvoiced ‘intention’.


For example, to be a kind parent, loving family member or supportive friend. In the area of relationships, it’s easy to realise that you’re (both) human, so setting out to reach an intention 100% of the time may not be achievable (we all have days when we’re tired, or pushed to our limits). But just because we lost our patience with our loved one today, it doesn’t mean we wake up tomorrow thinking, ‘I messed up, I’m a failure, there’s no point I might as well give up!” 


No, instead the intention starts afresh each morning. In other words, we are much more likely to be kind to ourselves, and don’t beat ourselves up for having a bad day (most of the time anyway!).  


What often isn’t voiced is that you’re actually in a relationship with your health, too. Whether that’s food or your body size, you are relating to it daily, and making decisions based on your thoughts and feelings about it.  


So if your resolutions haven’t quite gone to plan, I invite you to try on making an ‘intention’ this year. What’s the one intention you’d like to make when it comes to your health for the months ahead? Thinking about your daily life, what will take you off track, and what can you put in place to help you?


If you’ve tried traditional approaches to your health in the past, perhaps a mind-body approach will serve you well this year. If so, I’d love to support you with my ‘Love Your Way to Weight Loss’ programme, which you can join today for no risk for just £27.


It works well on its own (it's been independently evaluated to lead 5.8kg average weight loss - just by thinking differently!) and can also improve the results of  traditional dietary and exercise approaches you may be using.


I have extended the enrolment window for new members until midnight Sunday 27th January 2019, but after this enrolment will close and prices are increasing. I hope this will be encouragement to act now if you’ve been sitting on the fence!


Every decision you make when it comes to your health starts with your thoughts and feelings, so let 2019 be the year that you get help to choose the thoughts and feelings that will lead to the best possible outcome for you and your health. I can’t wait to be supporting you very soon!


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Jen Bateman