Hi there! I’m dedicated to inspiring you that your struggles with over-eating and weight are NOT about food - they are telling you a story. When you tune in to that story, you will finally reach the food freedom you are looking for and create the body you were born to belong in.

I’m a Clinical Psychologist, international speaker and the author of three, 5* Amazon rated books. I’ve been named an ‘Outstanding Educator’ and a ‘World Diabetes Day Hero’ for my work in the health and wellbeing field.

Born in London, UK, I developed diabetes in childhood and struggled for many years with what I now call ‘non-hunger eating’.

Whether it was sadness, happiness, reward or celebration – food was my best friend. It was my guilty, shameful secret, and I thought I was the only person in the world who struggled with these issues. I tried to apply the usual ‘eat-less, move-more’ strategies to my problem, but what I didn’t know then that I know now, is that food wasn’t the real problem. I was using food to solve problems it just wasn’t designed to fix.

Working with a number of Therapists and professionals, I found freedom from my issues. Ever since I have had a burning desire to support others who are struggling in this area.

I trained as a Clinical Psychologist in London before having a successful career in the UK National Health Service. I have held numerous strategic advisory roles and have spoken to audiences of hundreds in the US, Canada and Europe about the importance of addressing the psychological impact of diabetes/obesity.

I am now dedicated to showing you clearly how your struggles with over-eating and weight are telling you a story. Uncover that story and you’ll free yourself of the shame and guilt you feel about your weight, and finally step into joyful weight loss for the body (and life) transformation that you’ve been looking for.

If you’re looking for practical, step-by-step tools, in an inspiring, warm and encouraging community, join me and say hi!

You’ll be joining a community that is making a difference. Obesity and hunger are two of the biggest problems facing our world today. My goal is to not only help you create a body and life you love, but also to support the 20 million people on the brink of starvation in our world of food abundance. I’ve pledged to give 10% of profits to fighting hunger, so when you join the Love Your Way to Weight Loss community, you can feel inspired about the ripple effect you are creating.

For that reason and more, it’s my honour to support you, and I’m so glad we’ve found each other!