Dr Jen's Monthly Support Programme:

The Success Path with Dr Jen

The Success Path with Dr Jen is where I teach and guide individuals who are serious about solving their issues with food and finally reaching the food freedom and weight they really desire.

It’s a step-by-step process to transform your relationship with food and your weight, from the inside out.

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Using my unique and independently proven approach, you will finally get to the root of your issues and be inspired with practical ‘how-to’s’ to make different choices.

The promise of this journey is that you will finally gain the freedom with food you are longing for and reveal the ideal weight for you.

I am creating a worldwide movement of people who are shifting their focus from the punishing, guilt-driven bootcamp mentality, to a warm, kind, and compassionate approach – that addresses the entire person – body, heart, mind and soul.

One that works with who you are, not against you. When you work with your inner world, weight loss is a happy side effect, and can’t help but follow.

 This is your invitation to join me for this learning and development journey.

Establish a Success Path for yourself that will ensure you finally reach the weight and health you’ve been longing for.


There are 11 mindset pieces to the weight loss jigsaw and the Love Your Way to Weight Loss Success Path focuses on one theme per month. I take you by the hand, step-by-step with my approach, at a pace that ensures your success.



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Discover the 11 Steps to Freedom that make up the ‘Love Your Way to Weight Loss’ curriculum, starting on page 12.

The Success Path is designed to be a year-long journey, but you are completely free to take it month-by-month. You may choose to join for one month and if it’s not a good fit for you for any reason, you are welcome to stop your subscription at any time – your membership is entirely within your control.


You may  be thinking, ok Jen, sounds good, what will I get as a member of the ‘Love Your Way to Weight Loss Success Path with Dr Jen’ programme?

  • Weekly ‘How-To’ Success Videos – You’ll discover inspiring yet practical food psychology tools in these powerful training videos, and how to implement what you learn step-by-step. As you develop the mindset skills to develop a healthy relationship with food, weight loss can’t help but follow.


  • Weekly ‘Make it Happen’ Guidebooks – Motivating you with my practical, quick guide to implement into your daily life with ease.


  • Dr Jen’s Resource Library – Get access to my library of resources, with 10+ videos/guidebooks that you can use whenever you need them – whether it’s using my ‘5 Step Plan to Stop a Binge’ on one of those ‘bad’ days, or my ‘Transcending Temptation’ programme to support you on those times of the day/week or months when cravings strike.


  • There are also inspirational videos and printables you’ll love. You’ll get everything you need to support you in your journey ahead, like my ‘Daily Success Checklist’ and reminders that you can use in your day to day life to keep you on track.

Now please don’t worry, I know how busy you are and how easy it is to feel overwhelmed. I’ve created this programme as a result of 3+ years of running a similar online programme, which was independently evaluated by the UK National Health Service to lead to, in the words of the Doctor who led the study, “impressive results” (some individuals lost up to 32kg and reversed their type 2 diabetes). It’s been tried and tested, and it’s designed to be simple, step-by-step and do-able.


You’ll only need to find 5-10 minutes a day (or  30-60 mins a week) to get results from the programme. And I teach you EXACTLY how successful (and busy!) members do this in the most fun and practical way in the Welcome video that kicks off the programme.


As with my entire approach, this is a Journey we’re on together. Whilst it’s designed for people who are committed to make changes and has a layer of accountability built in, there’s no pass/fail and there’s no such thing as falling behind.


This is a gentle journey into your inner world of weight loss, one that, step-by-gentle-step, WILL get you results. That’s my promise.


 Here’s what Adam shared:

“I tried just one of the strategies and have been eating much less as a result. In the last 2 months my weight has decreased and my weight is in the healthy category for the first time I can remember!” Adam

In the words of Deborah:

“I have finally managed to suss out the stress that makes me eat….despite years of food obsession I have never worked that out before I used your programme!” Deborah


Here’s what Katie had to say:

“Jen has helped me get to the bottom of a variety of core beliefs that have been unhelpful to me in the past, that have impacted my eating behaviour in the here and now. Since working with Jen, I am more comfortable with being my real self instead of trying to live up to others expectations and that I can live life much more on my terms.” Katie


Ready to get started? Fantastic! 

Take advantage of the special offer prices available right now, AND you can keep this price for as long as you’re a member, even though prices WILL be raised in the future.

I don’t want anything to stand in your way from joining now. I’m committed to your success.

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As a reminder, you’ll receive:

  • Weekly ‘How-To’ Success Videos

  • Weekly ‘Make it Happen’ Guidebooks

  • Dr Jen’s Resource Library - including the ‘5 Step Plan to Stop a Binge’ you can use on one of those ‘bad’ days, or my ‘Transcending Temptation’ to help you unlock your inner willpower.


The pricing shown is more than a third off the true value, as I don’t want finances to be a barrier to you getting the support you need going forward.

Here are Sarah’s thoughts, taken from a selection from 30+ testimonials given by individuals who participated in my online programme last year:

“This programme gave me the support and structure to start to notice and delve deeper into those thoughts and feelings about food that I didn’t even realise were there or I just thought were ‘me’ and couldn’t or shouldn’t be changed. Thank you!” Sarah

It’s been an honour to be on this journey with you so far. If this next step speaks to you, I can’t wait to welcome you into the private online community, and send you your welcome video to get started!

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As I love to reward those who don’t put decisions off, I’ve got some bonuses for those of you who listen to that inner nudge and act quickly.

If you’re one of the first three people to join, you get a Private 1:1 15 minute Clarity Call with me so make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to get fast-tracked to your best possible start.

I can’t wait to be supporting you in the Success Path starting soon and look forward to seeing you there!

With love,

Dr Jen

The Food Psychologist

PS: This is your chance to join the ‘Love Your Way to Weight Loss Success Path with Dr Jen’ at the best value price it will ever be. Join me now, and secure this low monthly price for as long as you choose to be a member – whether that’s just one month or forever!

If you have any questions, please email hello@DrJenBateman.com for the fastest response.

Please note you can choose to use your debit/credit card/PayPal, according to your preference.

“I am learning SO MUCH and finally tuning into my feelings and actions regarding food. I am becoming so aware for the first time in my life about my feelings behind eating. And, I am encouraged…because as I discover what I am doing….I feel that I am now equipped for the battle…what was a battle…and now, I understand it is only feelings misplaced. Your work is just wonderful and thank you for creating the programme.” Elsa


As a reminder, you’ll receive:

  • Weekly ‘How-To’ Success Videos

  • Weekly ‘Make it Happen’ Guidebooks

  • Dr Jen’s Resource Library - including the ‘5 Step Plan to Stop a Binge’ you can use on one of those ‘bad’ days, or my ‘Transcending Temptation’ to help you unlock your inner willpower.

Click Here to Get Started for over a third off for just £27

“I have found the programme very helpful as it has changed my attitude towards eating. Before starting the programme I felt guilty all the time about food, now I feel much more positive and hopeful” Valerie

REFUND POLICY/MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: This is a monthly membership programme and you are free to stop your membership any time you choose. As this programme incorporates online digital delivery of programme materials, there are no refunds for monthly membership fees already paid. There are no contracts/minimum monthly membership lengths, your membership and payments are entirely within your control.

DISCLAIMER: All efforts have been made to give you an accurate representation of the programme on this page. Any results from testimonials are to provide an indication of what others have experienced through working with us. You probably already know that this isn’t a guarantee that you will experience the same results, and that your personal success will depend on how fully you commit to using the content and materials available.