Independently Proven:

In an independent study conducted by the UK National Health Service, individuals lost an average of 5.8kg in weight using Dr Jen’s self-study online programme. Some individuals lost up to 32kg and were able to stop taking their Type 2 Diabetes medication because of the changes they had made.

A Selection of ‘Kind Words’ From Clients, Members and Students:

I am learning SO MUCH and finally tuning into my feelings and actions regarding food.
I am becoming so aware for the first time in my life about my feelings behind eating.
And, I am encouraged …
because as I discover what I am doing … I feel that I am now equipped for the battle …
what was a battle … and now, I understand it is only feelings misplaced. Your work is just wonderful and thank you.
— Elsa, USA

Using Dr Jen’s approach helped me to understand how my eating habits had formed and that I DID
have the power to change them.
— Hannah, UK.

Thanks to your wise words, inspiration and motivation, I have managed to release my ‘inner slimmer’ and have lost 17lbs so far.
I am so grateful.
— Denise, UK.

I’m using your strategies to avoid grazing and almost immediately stopped mindless eating. Your program is exceptional.
— Richard, USA.

I have gone from being a foodie and comfort eater to not being that interested in food at all...I have lost over a stone in about a month with no effort at all... this really works and Dr Jen is so easy to work with!
— Toni Dormand, UK.

Thank you for the simple tools that have already made a difference - 2kg down without being ‘on a diet’. Thank you.
— Elizabeth, UK.

I would recommend the course to anyone who has struggled with their weight for the insights it gives you about yourself and dieting and, most
importantly, because if you put this knowledge into practice it works.
— Andrea, UK.

I discovered that I did have motivation; the subtle
ways in which I was subconsciously sabotaging myself; how to set goals that worked for me; what my triggers are and how to work with well-meaning family who were unintentionally helping to undermine my efforts without causing offence.
It was such a relief to be able to do all this
in an atmosphere which for once did not make me feel that I was being judged as a lazy, rebellious, failure.
— Katie, New Zealand.