Your Mind-Body-Retreat:

One Hour to Reset Your Relationship with Food


Give yourself the gift of one hour of at-home relaxation, and discover how pampering self-care will reset your relationship with food and your body.


The ‘Mind-Body-Retreat’ is an indulgent and relaxing gift, taking you on a guided inner journey to:

  • Gently reset your mind and body

  • Enjoy your relationship with food again

  • Find your natural weight for life.


Invest in it yourself, or ask a loved one to treat you this Christmas - it’s a beautiful, nurturing gift that will just keep giving.

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Now the Christmas season is approaching, you’re probably busy putting everyone else first, right?


And it’s no coincidence that this will coincide with eating more than you need to. Between planning, shopping and many more to-do’s, the food will be calling you for some much needed me-time.


How do I know this? Because it’s a completely normal way for your mind to behave. Humans need a mix of work, rest and play, and when you’re busy putting everyone else’s needs first in the run up to the festive season, rest and play time go out the window. So your brain is actually trying to help you by saying ‘Go on, you deserve it!’. Because you do!


But if you’re here with me now, reading this, food isn’t really having the desired effect any more.


Yes, there’s the anticipation of the food, and the fleeting thought of ‘Ooh yum’ and ‘I deserve this’, but after the first few seconds, the guilt and shame inevitably kicks in, and before you know it, an act of attempted self-care becomes an act of self-destruction.


So this year? Do something different and you’ll get a different result.

Yes, go ahead and give yourself that much needed treat.


But this year, do it a kind self-loving way, with the…

Lovingly curated to be a relaxing, pampering at-home spa experience, the Mind-Body-Retreat is a guided self-care ritual.

Take just an hour, put a ‘Do not disturb’ sign on the bathroom door and unwrap the beautiful gift box of pampering goodies.


Simply press play on the lovingly created Guided Mind-Body-Retreat Audio and I will guide you to focus on YOU.


I will walk you through a gentle yet impactful process, warmly showing you how to uncover the story your eating is telling you, and how to re-write this story with ease.


Giving yourself the Mind-Body-Retreat is the ultimate act of self-care. It will be your best friend and cheerleader to support you throughout the often stressful Christmas and new year period, and it’s yours to keep forever so you can continue to use whenever you need to.

  • Inside Your Mind-Body-Retreat

    Unwrap the beautiful gift box and you’ll discover everything you need to be immersed in your Mind-Body-Retreat Experience:

  • Welcome Card from me - with your step-by-step guide to your retreat experience.

  • Candles - to set the scene for tranquillity.

  • Guided Mind-Body Retreat Audio - to guide you gently through your retreat experience.

  • Bubble bath - to relax and sink in to.

  • Reflective Journal and Pen - to capture your a-ha’s and insights.

  • Gorgeous Herbal Tea - to soothe your body from the inside.

  • Body lotion - to massage yourself as you follow along on the guided audio journey.

  • Mindful Eating Reminders - to support you with the mindset strategies you’re about to discover.

  • Your Food-Freedom Strategy - a simple-to-use mindset strategy that takes seconds and brings food freedom.

  • Your Shortcuts to PleasureA printable list of 50+ ways to infuse pleasure and reward into your life.

  • Personal Invitation to the Next Step of Your Journey - I don’t want this to be goodbye!


You’ll also get continued support directly from me -  You’ll get access to my exclusive support community for three months from the moment you start. This means  you can relax, knowing that the tricky time over Christmas and new year is taken care of. You’ll never be on your own - as part of your ongoing-support, you’ll get access to:

·         Food-psychology online coaching materials: so you can continue to re-write your story with practical how-to advice.

·         Weekly online Q&A with me: so you can ask me any question you like.

·         If you’d like to connect with a small tribe of like-minded souls also on the journey, you can take advantage of being part of a private online community group.


Securing this ongoing support means you don’t need to waste any more of your valuable time, energy or head space on what diet to try in the new year.


Deep down, you know that you don’t need to try yet another diet to help you lose weight. You need a solution that works on your inner world – your thoughts and feelings about food – and I’d love to help you.


So don’t waste another moment. Transform the shame you feel about your current situation to the positive step of a relaxing, pampering spa self-care experience.  

Getting started is easy – just Click Here to place your order.

I can’t wait to hear of your success, very soon!


 Here’s what Adam shared about his experience as a client:

“I tried just one of the strategies and have been eating much less as a result. In the last 2 months my weight has decreased and my weight is in the healthy category for the first time I can remember!” Adam


In the words of Deborah:

“I have finally managed to suss out the stress that makes me eat….despite years of food obsession I have never worked that out before I used your programme!” Deborah


Here’s what Katie had to say:

“Jen has helped me get to the bottom of a variety of core beliefs that have been unhelpful to me in the past, that have impacted my eating behaviour in the here and now. Since working with Jen, I am more comfortable with being my real self instead of trying to live up to others expectations and that I can live life much more on my terms.” Katie


“This programme gave me the support and structure to start to notice and delve deeper into those thoughts and feelings about food that I didn’t even realise were there or I just thought were ‘me’ and couldn’t or shouldn’t be changed. Thank you!” Sarah

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Ready to get started? Fantastic! 

Read which of the two options suit you best, here and place your order today. As this is a physical product there is a limit to the availability so make sure you order your Mind-Body-Retreat today, before they’re gone.

I can’t wait to be supporting you in the Success Path starting soon and look forward to seeing you there!

With love,

Dr Jen

The Food Psychologist

PS: This is your chance to get your ‘Mind-Body-Retreat’ Gift Experience at the best value price it will ever be.

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“I am learning SO MUCH and finally tuning into my feelings and actions regarding food. I am becoming so aware for the first time in my life about my feelings behind eating. And, I am encouraged…because as I discover what I am doing….I feel that I am now equipped for the battle…what was a battle…and now, I understand it is only feelings misplaced. Your work is just wonderful and thank you for creating the programme.” Elsa


“I have found the programme very helpful as it has changed my attitude towards eating. Before starting the programme I felt guilty all the time about food, now I feel much more positive and hopeful” Valerie

REFUND POLICY/MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: As this programme incorporates online digital delivery of programme materials, there are no refunds on this product.

DISCLAIMER: All efforts have been made to give you an accurate representation of the programme on this page. Any results from testimonials are to provide an indication of what others have experienced through working with us. You probably already know that this isn’t a guarantee that you will experience the same results, and that your personal success will depend on how fully you commit to using the content and materials available.